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Swatting calls endanger the public and cost Calgarians police


Calgary police are warning the public of the consequences of swatting phone calls after two men were charged in relation to two swatting instances earlier this year that unnecessarily tied up service members.

“Swatting” is a term used to describe false reports of criminal activity that prompt police to dispatch a large number of officers.

In a news release, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) explained that swatting calls have the potential to create significant risks to public safety and end up costing taxpayers.

“They endanger the public, our officers and divert limited emergency resources from people who really do need help,” Staff Sgt. Jodi Gach explained.

The first of the swatting charges recently laid by the CPS was related to a series of alleged swatting calls that happened in the East Village between June 4 and July 4.

During that month, the CPS said officers were called to the area 23 times by someone who reported witnessing a crime involving a weapon or a medical emergency.