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This cows football skills leaves Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo behind


A cow in Goa has been lauded for showing its football skills after a video originated while it was playing with the ball. The video went viral so quickly that the video has been watched thousand times all over the social media and WhatsApp. After seeing the video, the netizens reacted to the funny video as the cow chased the ball and took possession of it.

Reportedly, it has been said that the video was shot in Mardol, Goa. The video displays a group of young boys playing football in a field when the ball reaches the ‘holy animal’, it takes full possession of the ball.


The boys tried really hard to snatch the ball from the hands of the cow, but it denied to let go of the ball, and it even started to move around kicking and thrusting the ball with its nose.

After one of the boys finally managed to snatch the ball from the animal, the players started passing the ball around so that it can’t have it back. However, the cow notices every pass the boys made and gets the possession of the ball back. Also, one boy chose not to challenge the cow.

After seeing the video, the netizens declared the cow as GOAT (greatest of all time) and stated that it could be an asset for the Indian football team. They even went on to tag FIFA to alert them that India has found a gem.