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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at Liberal donor event in Regina


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to Liberal Party donors in Regina on Thursday night.

Trudeau addressed a small crowd at a Laurier Club donor appreciation event at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

He started his speech by wishing the audience a happy International Women’s Day, and touted putting forward a budget that puts women first.

Part of his message was a sales pitch to get Saskatchewan to sign onto the federal climate-change plan. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has been resistant to putting a price on carbon, saying the province has its own climate-change plan that Ottawa should recognize.

“We need to work on getting Saskatchewan to sign onto the Pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau also highlighted positive growth in Saskatchewan, including the federal government’s recent Superclusters initiative.

Trudeau will be making an announcement at the Regina RCMP Depot Division on Friday, along with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.